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I'm a current senior at the University of Pennsylvania earning a BSE in Digital Media Design and pursuing a minor in Mathematics. Additionally, I am also a master's student in Penn's Computer Graphics and Game Technology MSE program.

During the school year, along with my classes and projects I have been a Teaching Assistant for a variety of courses. This fall those courses are the Introduction to Computer Graphics course (CIS 460/560) and the Physically Based Animation Course (CIS 563) at Penn.

This past summer, I worked at NVIDIA as a graphics software development intern working with the Browsers team on NvWebView, which was first introduced at the end of the summer during Siggraph.

Regarding Computer Graphics, my interests are Graphics Programming, Software Development, Simulation Research, Rendering, and Game Engine work; however, I'm open to any and all aspects of the graphics field, as I'd love to learn as much as I can.

Outside of graphics, I enjoy working in pastel and charcoal, hiking, playing lacrosse, and reading science fiction, murder, adventure, and espionage novels (basically all Baldacci books and Patrick Rothfuss's The Kingkiller Chronicle).

I was also recently nominated to be interviewed for a Siggraph Member Profile, which you can view here.


The Digital Media Design undergraduate program is an interdisciplinary major in the School of Engineering and Applied Science designed for those interested in computer graphics, animation, games, virtual reality, and interactive technologies.

The Computer Graphics and Game Technology masters program is for students who wish to learn state-of-the-art graphics and animation technologies as well as interactive media design principles, product development methodologies, and engineering entrepreneurship. Opportunities for specialization are provided in such core areas as art and animation, creative design, animation and simulation technology, human/computer interfaces, and production management.


You can reach me at hbollar@seas.upenn.edu
Sites: LinkedIn, Github, Vimeo